We Prefer
Passion for God: Above all else we desire more of God, His Word and His presence. We purpose to put relationship with Him above all else. Mark 12:30

The Word of God:  We hold God’s written word, the Bible, as the final authority for life and ministry. We also desire to wait upon the Lord for prophetic messages to be given and seek to respond to what the Lord has spoken. We desire a life of consecration and obedience. II Timothy  3:16

Compassionate Outreach:  We purpose to seek out the lost and unchurched through intentional evangelism strategies. We purpose to equip believers for personal evangelism. We purpose to reach out beyond the walls of the church in every way possible as the Lord leads so that none should perish.
II Corinthians 5:20, Philemon 1:6

Relational Discipleship: We value small group discipleship in place of programs. We believe that the greatest growth will come as we practice Biblical discipleship, fellowship and accountability. Acts 2: 42-47

Family Friendly Ministry: We believe in God’s design for families. We purpose to come alongside parents as they train their children in the Lord. We purpose to train and release children and youth to do the works of God today. We desire to cultivate an atmosphere where each believer can practice, learn and grow in God regardless of age. We believe that our children are not only the church of tomorrow but the church of today. We purpose to equip and release children in every aspect of the Spirit-Filled Christian life. We value multi-generational worship and discipleship. Psalm 8:2,  Joel 2:28
Hands on Equipping:  We believe that the mandate of the five fold minister is to equip the church for the work of the ministry. We purpose to assist others to find and hone their spiritual passions for the furtherance of the kingdom of God.

We desire team ministry: Ephesians 4:11-13Activating and releasing others for service:  We believe that God releases his anointing and call to minister, to each believer. We desire to encourage and nurture others in their God given gifts and abilities. We believe the power of God’s Spirit is released through the laying on of hands for impartation and activation. We purpose to release others to their God given purpose and destiny. II  Timothy 1:6

We Desire

An intimate relationship with God: We desire a passion for God and intimacy with Him. Revelation 2:4
Powerful Prayer:  We purpose to make prayer a priority in word and practice. We believe that a praying church is a powerful and effective church. 
II Chronicles 7:14, Acts 4:31a

Hunger for God’s Word: We value God’s Holy Word the Bible. We purpose to meditate on, memorize, apply, pray, sing and reverence the word of God as the word of life and final authority. We purpose to pursue both the Holy Spirit and The Word. Matthew 4:4

The Manifest Presence of God: We desire to welcome God in our worship and prayer.  We believe as we seek His presence he will do what we can not and bring life and liberty for all.  II Corinthians 3:17

The Gifts of the Spirit:  We purpose to step beyond our abilities and operate by the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We desire to excel in the gifts that build up and edify others. We desire to reach others through powerful, spirit led, compassionate evangelism.
I Corinthians 14:1

Mature Disciples of Christ: We desire to see that each believer has the opportunity to mature into a devoted follower of Christ. That is he/she will be at the place where
he/she can reach and Disciple others. 
John 15:8

Faithful Service: We commit to serve the Lord faithfully and in a spirit of excellence. Our God deserves the best we have to offer.  I Peter 4:10

We Purpose

To establish a group of believers that is living in loving relationship with one another as they passionately seek after God, His word and the Holy Spirit’s anointing to bring salvation, healing, deliverance, and love to the world around them. Acts 2:42-47.​

Rivers Harvest Church