Welcome to Rivers Harvest 


We started Rivers Harvest in 1994 in our first home in Onalaska.  We have since enjoyed growing spiritually and numerically over the years.  We are a passionate church that believes the Word of God and we want to live it out in our daily lives.  We regularly practice the gifts of the Holy Spirit and encourage everyone to become everything God has called them to be.  If you are just starting your relationship with God, or are mature in that relationship, we encourage you to try Rivers Harvest.  You'll find a family and you'll find an opportunity.  Pastor Andy LeFebre

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Senior Pastor Andy  LeFebre 
and Family

Pastor Andy LeFebre grew up in Onalaska.  He graduated from Onalaska High School and was very involved in Sports in his school years.  He was called of God as a young teenager and has dedicated his life to reaching the local community and doing the will of God for His life.  Andy has a beautiful wife who leads the children's ministry and preaches as well.  They have 7 children who also love the Lord.  You will enjoy their passion for life and miniistry.  

Rivers Harvest Church